Our vision

Our vision at Keyword Rockstar Inc is to empower Amazon Sellers with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve unprecedented success in the e-commerce industry. We strive to be the leading provider of innovative software solutions and comprehensive training programs that streamline their operations and drive their growth. By simplifying complex processes and staying ahead of market trends, we aim to be the trusted partner that helps our clients dominate the Amazon marketplace.

Team story

Keyword Rockstar Inc was founded in 2010 and originally focused on marketing automation software, but realizing the growth of ecommerce, pivoted in 2016 to serve the e-commerce industry. With a passion for helping Amazon Sellers succeed, we creates a software platform that would streamline their operations and inventory sourcing. Through their dedication and expertise, the team at Keyword Rockstar Inc has become a trusted partner for countless sellers, empowering them to achieve unprecedented growth in the competitive online marketplace.

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